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US-Ukraine: the maximalist mindset  – Asia Times

On August 23rd, it was reported that the United States would send another multi-billion dollar aid package to Ukraine.This time, $3 billion in “security assistance” include Six additional National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS). A laser-guided rocket system (Raytheon’s M982 Excalibur). 245,000 rounds of 155 mm shells. 65,000 rounds of 120mm mortar rounds.

it will bring total US lethal and non-lethal aid to Ukraine has reached $57 billion since the war began six months ago.

America’s Seemingly Unconditional Support for Kyiv’s Maximalists purpose of warwhich include The recapture and reintegration of Crimea and Donbass leaves a clear impression that Western policy is evolving in the direction of unconditional surrender on the part of Moscow – or, from Washington’s point of view, better. is a change of government.



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