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US, UK ramp up sanctions pressure on Russia over Ukraine

Washington: On Sunday (January 30), the United States and the United Kingdom flag new “catastrophic” sanctions on Russia as Washington and its NATO allies step up efforts to stop the invasion of Ukraine. I stood up.

Despite the denials from Moscow and the plea from the President of Ukraine, the fear of an imminent aggression has recently increased in order to avoid agitating a “panic” over a large Russian military buildup at the border.

As diplomatic relations skyrocket, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said last week’s proposal to Russia on security issues by the United States and NATO could have aroused interest in Moscow.

“Russians are interested in getting involved in the proposal,” Nuland said this week, including the possibility of a new meeting between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of State Sergeĭ Viklov of Russia. I heard some signs. “

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee took a strict stance, saying it was important for the United States to send a strong message to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin that the attack on Ukraine would be very expensive.

“We can’t spend the moment in Munich again,” Senator Bob Menendez told CNN. “Putin will not stay in Ukraine.”

He may be subject to some penalties for actions Russia has already taken in Ukraine, including cyberattacks, but if Moscow is invaded, “eventually crushing Russia is devastating. Sanctions “will come.

Nuland said the White House is working closely with the Senate and the sanctions are “very well aligned” with those from its European allies.

“You will feel it as sharply as the Russian people,” Putin said.

In London, Foreign Minister Liz Truss said next week that Britain would announce a sanctions bill targeting “much more diverse” Russian economic goals.

“There will be no place to hide Putin’s oligarchs,” Truss told Sky News.

But she warned that European allies must continue to unite to deter Moscow and not put “imminent financial problems” in the defense of “freedom and democracy.”

Analysts say a series of sanctions on Russian banks and financial institutions could not only affect everyday life across Russia, but could disrupt major economies in Europe and elsewhere. ..

Candy and whip

Western leaders continue to pursue a two-sided approach, not only to strengthen military aid to Ukraine, but also to make full diplomatic efforts to mitigate the crisis.

Britain is preparing to provide NATO with a “major” deployment of troops, weapons, warships and jets, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Saturday. At the same time, he is expected to talk to Putin next week.

NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg supported London’s diplomatic initiative on Sunday while welcoming increased military support.



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