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UN chief highlights India’s contribution to climate action

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November 23, 2022 23:37 IST

New Delhi [India]23 November (ANI): UN Secretary-General António Guterres highlighted India’s contribution to combating climate change in an article urging everyone to build peace with nature, reduce carbon emissions and sustain He said we need to have a lifestyle that is compatible with the society that is possible. and economy.
UN Secretary-General visits India in Octoberunited nationsmajor national and global initiatives ‘mission life‘ (lifestyle for the environment), this initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi mobilizes citizens around the world to united nationsUnderstand that you have a role to play.
On climate change, Guterres writes:Can we recycle stuff and be less wasteful? We have to united nationsRealize that there is not much government can do to reduce pollution if each person’s individual actions are not compatible with a sustainable society. ”
Let’s not forget that pollution kills 7 million people a year today.so we need to united nationsPlease understand that pollution is a killer. It’s not just ugly, he added.
In the article, the UN Secretary-General also said that due to biodiversity loss,united nationsThe endeavor is losing great capital for the future. Some medicines may not be able to meet people’s basic needs.

During an official visit to India, the UN Secretary-General also visited India’s first 24/7 solar village Modera in Gujarat. Emphasizing the benefits of the project, Guterres said, “India’s mega-project (he pledged to achieve 500 GW of renewable energy generation by 2030) will make a very important contribution to combating climate change. It is.”
“My visit to a village close to the temple of S had a very symbolic natureunited nations (Surya Mandir of Modera). It’s not just government investment.it’s a way of communicatingunited nationsunited
This is commendable. You have a village where every house has some solar panels.
It combines the use of clean energy with the well-being of families and communities.united nationsIt will improve the way schools are run, allowing people to spend more money elsewhere and save more,” he added.
The UN Secretary-General added that solar power projects are a marvel of inclusiveness and solidarity, and are part of the United Nations agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed at eradicating poverty and improving living conditions. He said it was very consistent with what he presented in 2030. Anyone, anywhere.
This is therefore a highly relevant contribution to climate action to combat climate change.there is a feeling of communicationunited nationsUnity, solidarity and inclusivity, the lessons of the world. (Ani)



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