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Travel news: Fast rail projects in Europe and Asia

Here’s the rest of CNN Travel’s biggest story right now.

on the rail

Spain is Europe’s high-speed rail capital iryo is the fourth competing brand in the country’s expanding express train market. Prices are expected to come down as travelers have more options.
Southeast Asian country Laos is a new semi high speed train, reduced cross-country travel times by as much as 75%. Not only is it a godsend for citizens, it also opens the door to tourist destinations such as Luang Prabang, the country’s picturesque former royal capital, and Luang Namtha, a trekking region with densely forested mountains. I’m here.
Finally, the passenger said,floating train‘ appears to skim the surface of one of the country’s largest reservoirs. This seasonal route is available on weekends from November to February.

Spectacular Greek project

When the Corinth Canal was built in Greece in the 19th century, it was one of the most significant infrastructure feats and visions the world had ever seen. 2,500 years of historyThere are currently plans to build a new museum on the site in 2024.
Athens’ Elnikon International Airport was once Busy gateway to Greece, welcomes high-rolling visitors from all over the world into the glamorous jet age. After being empty for almost 20 years, it is now being given new life as a massive building. 600 acres of coastal parksports venues, restaurants, and outdoor theaters.

fisherman’s friend

A British fisherman on a trip to France recently 67 pound goldfish: That’s about 67 times the average domestic splash. As the fish gets its name, carrots were released into the water to stay big and alive.
If you like fish with a bit more bite, bull sharks are considered to be the most aggressive sharks in the world. If you dare, you can swim with them in Cuba. without a protective cage.
Bull sharks rarely attack humans, but they do no harm watch our video Upfront on how to avoid unwelcome shark encounters.

our changing world

A love story over 40 years

Annie Macdonald and Steven Berger felt an instant connection when they briefly met in 1981 while on vacation in Mexico. Four months later, Annie was diagnosed with cancer and Stephen beside her.

For those who missed

You don’t need to buy one Pacific island when you can buy over 100 archipelagos.

The darkest of dark tourism: Singapore has the Hell Museum.

Fly Atlantic is based in Northern Ireland and hopes to start operations in 2024.

Misbehaving Travelers of the Week

A ginger cat apparently named Smells housed It was not seen in the case of a traveler en route from New York to Florida. was released unharmed.
If you’re intentionally planning a trip with a cat or dog in tow, our partners at CNN Underscored, the CNN-owned product review and recommendation guide, have put together this guide. what you need to knowaccording to experts.


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