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Top Asian News 6:22 p.m. GMT

Mr. Kishida prioritizes military build-up, reversing declining birthrate

TOKYO (AP) — Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Monday that Japan faces the region’s toughest security environment since the end of World War II, bolstering its armaments under a newly adopted security strategy. He pledged to push forward with the build-up and tackle the rapidly declining number of births. The country can maintain its national power. Kishida’s cabinet adopted significant security and defense reforms in December, including a counterstrike capability that departs from the post-war doctrine of self-defense only. Japan says its current deployment of anti-missile missiles is inadequate to protect it from China and North Korea’s rapid arms advances. In his policy speech at the opening of the Diet this year, Kishida said that active diplomacy should be prioritized, but that it needed “a defense force to support it.” He said Japan’s new security strategy is based on realistic simulations. The strategy aims to curb China’s increasingly assertive territorial ambitions, but it is also a sensitive issue for many of the Asian nations that were victims of Japan’s wartime aggression.

China dam overflows and people are washed away.2 dead, 7 missing

BEIJING (AP) — Seven people are still missing after flooding a river dam in central China at the start of the Chinese New Year holiday, washing away several people, officials said Monday. Two people died and 10 of his people were rescued, including two of him remaining in the hospital. The search continued. Before exceeding the Sanmenxia dam in Henan province, the water rose rapidly and swept people gathered below for photos, the Sanmenxia Municipal Emergency Response Bureau said in a statement. It said an investigation was underway and advised visitors to “pay attention to personal safety during the holiday period”. It was estimated to have risen 2 meters (6 feet).

AP PHOTOS: East Asia celebrates the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit

BEIJING (AP) — From Jakarta to Seoul, Bangkok to Beijing, people across Asia celebrate the Lunar New Year as it marks the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit. Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar, a time to gather with family, reunite with friends, and indulge in food and drink. Each year in the Chinese zodiac is considered to have the character of the animal that bears it, and the Year of the Rabbit is considered the year of calm and contemplation. This is a good time to form partnerships and, for many, start making money again. As strict COVID-19 restrictions were lifted last month, we can return to many aspects of normal life.

Clean energy gains foothold in India, but coal remains dominant

Bengaluru, India (AP) — Pravinbhai Parmar’s farm in western India’s Gujarat state has been lined with rice, wheat and solar panels for six years. The 36-year-old is one of the few farmers in his native village of Dundi to use solar power to irrigate his crops. “I was spending about 50,000 rupees ($615) each year to water my crops,” said Palmer. “With solar, I don’t use anything.” Palmer sells surplus power to the state grid, earning an average of 4,000 rupees ($50) a month. “It’s a win-win in every way,” he said. India, he said, is aiming for ‘net zero’ by 2070, and thousands of farmers in agriculture-rich India are being encouraged to use solar power for irrigation.

Lights off in Pakistan as energy saving move backfires

Islamabad (AP) — Much of Pakistan was left without electricity on Monday after government energy-saving measures backfired. The blackout spread panic and raised questions about the cash-strapped government’s handling of the country’s economic crisis. It all started when electricity was turned off during low-use hours at night to save fuel across the country, and technicians were unable to start the system all at once after dawn. The outage is reminiscent of the massive blackout that occurred in January 2021, when it was caused by technical failures in Pakistan’s power generation and distribution system. Power outages lasted more than 12 hours in many major cities, including the capital Islamabad, and in remote towns and villages across Pakistan.

Myanmar opposition attacks military census

BANGKOK (AP) — Myanmar’s pro-democracy rebels have attacked military government officials conducting census surveys in an attempt to sabotage preparations for elections later this year. Units of the People’s Defense Forces, a loosely organized armed wing of the Government of National Unity, a major opposition group, have claimed responsibility for several attacks over the past few weeks, including at least two of his police. was killed along with other local officials. Founded by elected officials who were displaced when the military took power in 2021, the NUG serves as an underground parallel state administration.

Marcos seeks foreign ministers meeting with China over maritime feud

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said on Monday that he had proposed to China that the two countries hold talks between their foreign ministers to quickly resolve a new dispute in the disputed South China Sea. , blamed the disagreement on China’s actions. In an interview with a Philippine television station, Marcos said Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to his proposal during a meeting in Beijing earlier this month and both sides are working out the details of such an arrangement. There was no immediate reaction from Chinese authorities. China and the Philippines, along with Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan, are in an increasingly tense confrontation over overlapping claims in a busy and resource-rich waterway seen as a potential flashpoint in Asia. .

Authorities search for motive for Lunar New Year massacre

MONTEREY PARK, Calif. (AP) — Authorities are investigating the motives of a shooter who killed 10 people at a ballroom dance club in the Los Angeles area during the Lunar New Year celebrations. Cast a shadow on festivals across the country. The suspect, 72-year-old Huu Can Tran, was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in his van on Sunday. The massacre, the fifth mass murder in the country this month, has drawn attention in recent years as it hits one of California’s biggest holiday celebrations, seen in many Asian cultures. It has delivered a new blow to the communities targeted by the violence it is rallying.

Asian community upset after Chinese New Year shooting

MONTEREY PARK, Calif. (AP) — It was a fun kickoff for the first Lunar New Year celebration in Monterey Park since pre-pandemic. The streets of the Chinese-American-majority city near Los Angeles were packed with crowds for live entertainment and carnival rides. and lots of food. But on Saturday night, after gunmen broke into the ballroom’s dance hall and opened fire, killing 10 people, injuring another 10, and sending panicked revelers into the streets, the celebrations began. The massacre was marred by tragedy. A mass shooting that left five men and five women dead resonated for two days in the Year of the Rabbit, featuring dragon dancers parading through downtown streets adorned with red lanterns. gave the party a jarring end.

Yellen urges China to address Zambia’s huge debt burden

Lusaka, Zambia (AP) — U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Monday that Zambia’s heavy debt burden to China must be addressed immediately in the second part of a trip to Africa aimed at boosting U.S. investment and ties. said it was. Yellen was in Lusaka. Lusaka is clearly a capital controlled by Chinese money. Refurbished Kenneth Lusaka visitors arrive at Kaunda International Airport to see the facilities he expanded in 2015 with Chinese funding. A ride into the city passes newly built businesses with billboards and Chinese billboards, further proof of Beijing’s influence and increasing competition from the United States. However, the growth the country has experienced has been accompanied by a heavier debt burden.



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