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Tibetan delegation at COP 27 raises concern over environmental degradation due to Chinese projects

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Nov 26, 2022 22:54 IST

Lhasa [Tibet]November 26 (ANI): All women TibetDelegates to the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (Cop 27) raised a threatening climate crisis Tibet Environmental degradation due to Chinese projects, Tibet reported by the media.
they demanded that world leaders recognize TibetRecognize the ecological importance of human resources and adopt rights-based strategies to empower frontline communities.
according to Tibet push, China imprison and sentence TibetThose who keep and protect the environment from constant damming projects – clinging to so-called hydrohegemony, large-scale mining with no recovery time, unnecessary grassland development, greenwashing – TibetRelocating from ancestral land in the name of development, Beijing has directed large amounts of government finance (taxpayers’ money) to make it happen.
of Tibet The delegation pointed out that the Chinese government is responsible for exacerbating the climate situation in regions already affected by global warming.
This is further accelerated by the policies implemented in Tibet By Beijing pushing development but ignoring sustainability.

TibetWithout legal justification, environmentalists China. environmentActivists Nya Sengdra and Karma Samdrup jailed for preservation and protection TibetThe fragile and peculiar biology of the man was also revealed, and that he was sent to prison without formal legal process.
In 2010, Human Rights Watch submitted a report calling on the Chinese government to drop the charges against philanthropist and environmentalist Karma Samdup and his brother.It says, “These people embody the characteristics that governments say they want in modern times.” Tibetans – Financially successful, providing support only to approved cultural and environmental pursuits, and despite being apolitical, they are also treated as criminals. TibetNot only is it apolitical, TibetNot only ans, but also Chinese living in Tibet Especially in terms of quality of life, which is intertwined with environmental conditions.
Lobsang Janst, International Program and Environmental Coordinator Tibet network (ITN) and four others TibetWomen at CoP27 highlighted the desecration and destruction of TibetVulnerable and vital ecosystems in China under illegal Chinese occupation.
The report emphasized that TibetPeople under this very brutal regime will continue to fight not only squats Tibet We also continue to sustain and protect the environment that directly impacts more than a quarter of the world’s population.
all women TibetCop 27 delegates called on the world to take notice Tibet It is a delicate and unique ecological zone that affects not only Asia, but the entire world.
they also questioned why Tibetans is not included in the discussion of global climate. Tibet I am very much involved.
Tibetans cannot ignore its dire health. TibetOur deteriorating environment and political authorities must work with scientists, researchers, environmentalists and activists to protect the third pole.they should not discriminate against TibetOnly those who raise these issues can the world save the third pole, Tibet, added. (Ani)



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