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“The export volumes of Juliet apples to Asia are increasing each year”

Around mid-October this year, Cardell Export began exporting Juliet apples to Asia. Asia is he one of the most important markets for organic apples. “This has been a great market for Juliet Apple for many years. Every season we see an increase in export volumes to Asia. Our clients are always very happy. We will do our best to develop sales in the market,” explains Cardell Export’s Pascal Corbel.

Logistics situation has become even more difficult since the health crisis
This sales growth is notable at a time when logistics are becoming a daily challenge. “Shipping companies have created new lines and cut some of them, but unfortunately this is rarely in our interest. We are at the mercy of transport hazards and delays caused by this situation.This is a reality and even more so since the health crisis.While continuing to provide our customers with the best possible products and services. , always have to face new difficulties.Recently, we learned that shipping lines plan to reduce speed to save fuel, which may cause further delays. .”

Storage capacity for long travel
Juliette is well positioned in the Asian market. The reason, of course, is not only for its sensual qualities, but also for its storage capacity, which allows weeks of travel while maintaining optimum quality. “As far as consumers are concerned, Juliette has conquered the Asian market not only because it is an apple that is so sweet, crunchy and juicy, but also aesthetically beautiful. Despite importing from afar, our customers are very satisfied and continue to export. It’s better than the breed, so even if the delivery time is four to six weeks, our customers won’t hesitate to buy with confidence knowing they have time to sell.”

Smaller average aperture for optimal sensory quality
While many fruits were hit by summer heat and drought, Juliet was relatively unscathed. “The advantage is that the trees are less sensitive to heat than other cultivars, as they are late-ripening apples. It is served at the right time, guaranteeing excellent quality apples this season.”

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