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Targeting younger voters helps Pakatan Harapan clinch Johor in Malaysia election

johor bahru – Winning 18 or more seats in Johor would have been ideal for Pakatan Harapan (PH), Won 14 out of 26 seats Coalition candidate Jimmy Poor said he would do so for the time being.

Puah, an attorney at Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), a key component of the PH and deputy chairman of Johor, said reaching out to residents and young voters “certainly helped us gain a little bit.” said.

Regarding PH’s campaign message, which promises an uncorruptible and caring government if it gets the mandate, he said: But at the same time, there is another political alliance (Perikatan Nasional) saying the same thing, so I don’t think they will automatically vote for us.

The PH alliance, which includes the Democratic Action Party (DAP), may have fallen short of its goal of 18 seats in Johor, but Pua is proud the state has become a PH bastion for the second time. said. Especially South Johor.

Until the parliament was dissolved, PH held 11 of the state’s 26 seats.

After Saturday’s vote, Pelicatan Nacional (PN) lost one seat to retain two seats in parliament, while Barisan Nacional (BN) won nine seats and the youth-centric party Muda won one seat. Earned.

Pua added: “Across the party, I would like to say that Johor is the last bastion of moderate politics…[but]I don’t think the race has been completely removed from the campaign.”

Johor DAP chairman Liew Chin Tong previously told The Straits Times about PH’s strategy: was to target the swing seat and young voters May not form political allegiances. Encouraging Malaysians abroad to come back to vote was also a priority. The swing seats were located in a multi-ethnic, Malay-majority semi-urban area of ​​Johor.

Liew said: If the voter turnout is below 50% he is gone (for PH). ”

Johor was a BN stronghold until the birth of the Umno-led ruling coalition. Overthrown in the landmark 2018 election, It saw PH come to power after securing 122 seats in parliament. BN said he managed to secure 79 seats in 2018, but the decline continued in the 2022 general election, where he won just 30 seats.

Dr Francis Hutchinson, Coordinator of the Malaysian Studies Program at ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute said: political position. ”



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