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Regional Thought Leaders Shared Insights on The Future of Clean Mobility in Asia at Future Mobility Asia Event Preview

The Celebrity Steering Committee met at the Bangkok Marriott on March 20, 2022 for a media briefing and event preview.

Future Mobility Asia

The Celebrity Steering Committee met at the Bangkok Marriott on March 20, 2022 for a media briefing and event preview.

Singapore, Singapore, April 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Future Mobility Asia (FMA) 2022, Integrated Global Exhibition and Conference with Extensive Exhibits of Solutions and Concepts, Bangkok International, July 20-22 Scheduled to be held at the Trade and Exhibition Center (BITEC) announced a preview of the event that participated directly at the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park on March 30, 2022.

As Asia’s first industry expert dedicated to clean mobility, Southeast Asian industry experts gather at event previews to share detailed insights into the potential of clean mobility, address business challenges in the mobility sector, and the FMA2022 Conference Program. Prior to the event preview, there was a hybrid media briefing with local Thai media and a virtual attendance from international media.

“The switch to clean mobility has the potential to expand the region beyond the environmental benefits. The clean mobility revolution will allow Southeast Asia to leap its position in the automotive value chain, followed by economic competitiveness and job creation. It creates opportunities to promote. Southeast Asia has risen to the opportunity to be encouraged by the need for strong economic momentum after the pandemic. ” Mel Lanvers-Shah, Vice President of Asia, dmg event..

hybrid Media briefing

On March 30, 2022, Thai media attended a face-to-face briefing at 2:00 pm (GMT + 7). There, Thailand’s business challenges for a clean and autonomous mobility transformation were discussed and virtually attended by the international media.

Dr. Twarath Sutabutr, Chief Inspector General of the Ministry of Energy of Thailand and Co-Chair of the Future Mobility Asia Steering Committee. Chanin Khao Chang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Thai Board of Investment. Chungwen, General Manager-Southeast Asia, SEA Electric; Josephine On, Managing Director of Asia Pacific South at Dasso Systems, and Nicole Wu, CEO and Director of EVLOMO, have described the status of Thailand’s charging infrastructure. Participated in a media briefing to answer questions about Thailand’s plans as Thailand progresses towards its electric vehicle efforts.

“Thailand is certainly moving towards clean mobility, with plans to introduce home and public charging stations in hotels, department stores and tourist destinations. The government is certainly supporting clean mobility and will be active in the near future. Plans and policies are expected to be developed in the future to support Thailand’s charging infrastructure. ” Dr. Twarath Sutabutr, Chief Inspector General of the Ministry of Energy of Thailand and Co-Chair of the Future Mobility Asia Steering Committee.

Event preview

At the FMA 2022 Event Preview at 4 pm (GMT + 7), industry practitioners were invited to present a concrete and practical case study of a successful implementation. At the event preview, two panel discussions were held in which senior representatives of the Thai government and industry leaders provided insights into ASEAN’s clean mobility ambitions and Thailand’s 3030 electric vehicle production policy.

Matthew Rowe, Director, Power Grid, Asia Pacific, DNV Open the first panel discussion by sharing statistics on the outlook for energy transitions. DNV predicts that by 2050 there will be a 50% increase in passenger cars on the world’s roads. Despite increasing car-sharing and semi-car driving, global car ownership could grow by 60%. Following the release of electric vehicle statistics, key solution players were invited to discuss the role of each city and how ASEAN can leap forward its clean mobility ambitions.

“At SEA Electric, we understand that electrical mobility is not a cheap investment, so we need to work closely with policy makers. Southeast Asian countries have incentives to help companies improve the future of clean mobility. The government will be of great help in addressing these concerns. Participation in Future Mobility Asia in July opens us with the opportunity to share our experiences with industry leaders around the world. I have. ” SEA Electric, Southeast Asia, General Manager, Trung Nguyen..

“The local environment varies from country to country, so it’s important to have a complete understanding of each city. You need to understand three key topics: environment, economy, and the balance between incentives and infrastructure. For example, Singapore. The country has developed a carlight program with the goal of moving towards a sustainable environment, as 15 percent of its land is used for car transportation. It plays an important role in defining the economy and implementing the best possible measures. ” Dassault Systèmes, Vice President of Asia Transport and Mobility Industry, Guillaume Gerondo..

Thailand is leading the region in the 3030 EV production policy and aims to convert 30% of the total automobile production to electric vehicles by 2030. In the second panel discussion, representatives of the Thai government and Thai experts discussed Thailand’s plans. To become a production base for clean mobility in Southeast Asia.

“By 2030, Thailand aims to produce 725,000 electric vehicles with a plan to penetrate the global market. We expect 400,000 units to be sold in the domestic market and others to be exported. I am. ” Chanin Khao Chang, Deputy Secretary-General of Thailand Board of Investment.. The panel discussion further emphasized Thailand’s ambitions for high production of electric vehicles and ensured that existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles would be maintained as the country progressed. Panelists shared the potential concerns and challenges when Thailand adopts clean mobility.

“One of the biggest challenges in adopting an electric vehicle is the need for a charging infrastructure. Public charging is free for the end user, just as the end user travels in an ICE vehicle. It is one of the key factors to make it mobile. It may rely on public charging equipment because it does not have home charging equipment. In this case, with government support for the introduction of charging stations throughout Bangkok. Investment is important. ” Yossapong Laoonual, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Thonburi, Assistant President for Sustainability, Honorary Chairman of EVAT..

About Future Mobility Asia

Future Mobility Asia will be presented as an integrated global exhibition and conference for all mobility stakeholders to drive clean and autonomous mobility transformation in Asia. The event features an extensive exhibition of road mobility technology and innovation, and aims to bring together more than 10,000 trade experts, global technological thought leaders, ASEAN Ministers, and transport fleet owners. .. Future Mobility Asia is an event hosted by the dmg event. For more information, please visit: https://www.future-mobility.asia

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