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Raising the Bar: Propelling sustainability in Asia | Events | Asia

Over the past two years, the impact of Covid-19 has shed light on the growing impacts of climate change and the growing inequality affecting populations around the world. As the world shifts to living with a virus that marks society indelible, Mars Wrigley’s sustainability continues to expand its mission as a global leader in the treats and snacks industry.

According to a 2021 report from the Economist Intelligence Unit commissioned by WWF, demand for responsible products from brands has skyrocketed, with online searches for sustainable products increasing 71% worldwide over the last five years. increase.

The processing and snack industry is responsible for emitting 2.1 million tonnes of greenhouse gases annually. In addition, according to data from the United Nations Environment Program, 300 million tonnes of plastic packaging are used each year around the world, which is very important. To take concrete action for the industry to address the environmental footprint.

Currently, one million people are in the Marsley Gray value chain. Therefore, given its size and scale, Mars Wrigley secures livelihoods throughout its value chain, improves the livelihoods of farmers and workers, reduces the direct environmental impact of their businesses, and recycles packages. Recyclable or compostable.

How is Mars Wrigley responding to these new trends, with the purpose of Mars Wrigley in mind, creating better moments and more smiles for people and the planet? What are the challenges facing achieving higher levels of sustainability in the supply chain? How can the stakeholder play a role in the value chain? How does the Mars Wrigley brand pivot towards sustainability?

The world that Mars Wrigley wants is a world where the earth is healthy, everyone is prosperous, and society is inclusive. Therefore, on April 28, Mars Wrigley and Eco-Business convene the leaders and players of Sustainable Procurement, Comprehensive Business Models, Packaging and Sustainable Brand Space of the Mars Wrigley Sustainability Forum for the future. Create a better tomorrow for generations.



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