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Progress continues on new Kingdoms of Asia exhibit at Fresno Chaffee Zoo

Fresno, California (KFSN) — Things are starting to change at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.

Beautiful outdoor spaces are varied to reflect some of Southeast Asia’s culture and wildlife.

While the gates are still open, families visiting the zoo try to take a peek at themselves.

“It took a lot of time, people and hours to get there,” says Germayne Collado. It’s like there’s more attention to detail, and it’s really nice to see that. “

But they’re not the only ones with secretive faces.

On Friday night, the Fresno Chaffee Zoo hosts its annual special, called Safari Night, where more than 500 guests can experience the zoo and experience the construction of a new immersive exhibit, “Kingdoms of Asia.”

The zoo’s CEO, Jon Doolin, said it will be a night to remember.

Located in the heart of the zoo, guests enter through a large concrete temple themed to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, which looks like the Seventh Wonder of the World.

Doolin said the zoo has an advisory group from the Southeast Asian Community to ensure exhibits are culturally accurate and respectful.

It’s still under construction, but it offers a lush jungle landscape.

Plus, you’ll get to come face-to-face with incredible wildlife.

“We have sloth bears, Malayan tigers and orangutans,” Doolin said. “We will also add giant fish-eating crocodiles, such as king cobras and tomistomas. In this exhibit, we plan to have small-clawed otters and Komodo dragons outside.It will be great.”

Kingdoms of Asia, made possible by Major Z, is scheduled to open in early 2023.

Dohlin is also announcing the zoo’s new master plan and mission statement.

“We want to inspire people to care for animals, make connections, build communities and save wildlife,” he said.

Doolin said the zoo is a premier regional destination that welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Celebrating nearly 100 years of service to the Valley, Doolin also launches the zoo’s centenary campaign.

“People are so supportive of us because they understand that we are not only transforming zoos, but are actually strengthening the economic vitality of the entire region. because I do,” he said.

Safari Nights are likely to sell out, but you can still support the zoo with a donation or by attending Zoo Boo on October 13th. Click here for more information. here.

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