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New lightning records reveal nature’s power and technology’s advances

Two lightning records confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization last week sent shock waves to the entire scientific community and raised the bar for what to expect as surveillance technology improves.

The record was about length and duration. The length record was set on April 29, last year, with a megaflash that stretched 477 miles from Mississippi to Texas and across the northern tip of the Gulf of Mexico.

The duration record set on June 18th last year was a megaflash that lasted 17.1 seconds, just a moment ahead of the previous titleholder’s 16.7 seconds. It occurred in the La Plata basin in South America.

According to scientists, both occurred in lightning hotspots. Areas where megaflash events occur frequently and are very different in size from regular lightning bolts.

The World Meteorological Organization has confirmed two new records regarding lightning.

Their measurements are impressive, but more importantly, widespread and protracted storms like these indicate the potential dangers and dangers of megaflash storms. These flashes are not just a strike that hits one particular area, they can extend long distances and pose a serious danger to people even if they are not directly under lightning.

Randall S. Selveny, a professor of geography at Arizona State University and a reporter of extreme records at the United Nations World Meteorological Organization, said: .. “It really emphasizes the fact that lightning can hit far away from where it occurred.”



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