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Meiji Yasuda Life to invest over US$40m in Asia’s first “Dark Green Fund”

Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Co., Ltd. announced this month that it will launch Asia’s first innovative ESG fund, the Dark Green Fund.

Insurers said in a statement that they plan to invest JPY 5 billion ($ 43.5 million) in ESG engagement funds that focus on the social impacts created through communication with investees. The scale of the investment will grow further in a few years.

Meiji Yasuda Life has a capital and business alliance with SDG Impact Japan (SIJ), which is led by a management team with cutting-edge knowledge of SDGs / ESG investment, in order to carry out the initiative of the Dark Green Fund. SIJ promotes investment funds focusing on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), provides impact assessment tools for financial institutions and companies, and provides advisory services related to sustainable finance. increase.

SFDR refers to the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulations, a European regulation that requires financial institutions to disclose information related to sustainability. It was adopted by the European Commission in 2019 and has been partially implemented since March 2021. In Article 9, if an investment is essentially labeled as an ESG, the following conditions must be met: Declare an ESG with a description of the purpose or process of the investment. Set and disclose measurable targets along with investment targets, with the aim of reducing sustainability or CO2 emissions.

The Meiji Yasuda Life and SIJ alliance is also considering supporting the SDGs efforts by providing management tools that analyze and evaluate problems that may occur when SMEs are working on their SDGs. doing.

The main features of the business alliance between Meiji Yasuda Life and SIJ are as follows.

1) Co-formation and investment of innovative ESG funds

SIJ, Meiji Yasuda Life, and Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance will collaborate to research and form innovative ESG funds based on global trends.

2) Joint research on initiatives that contribute to the local community

Joint research / implementation of initiatives that contribute to the local community through alliances with local governments and banks, such as support for SMEs in SDGs initiatives.

3) Sustainability advice

Meiji Yasuda Life will strengthen its efforts such as responsible investment (ESG investment / finance, stewardship) with the support of SIJ based on its advanced knowledge.



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