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Lunar New Year 2023- CODEPINK

The origin and history of Chinese New Year is a story of cooperation.

Tell Congress: Collaborate, Not Compete With China!

Dear friend,

As an imaginative child, my ancestors left me with many fantastic stories about traditional Chinese spirituality. My favorites were the origins and history of the Chinese New Year, stories of community resilience and cooperation. Once upon a time, on the last new moon of each year, a monster terrorized people by destroying their homes and livestock. Finally, people banded together to decorate their villages in red to ward off evil spirits and set off fireworks to ward off monsters. Such solidarity against a common enemy ensured a peaceful future for all of them.

Tell lawmakers to seek cooperation with China, not competition, this Chinese New Year.

The spirit of regional cooperation lives on as people of the Asian diaspora in China and around the world continue the tradition of celebrating the Lunar New Year. This year’s Lunar New Year will be on Sunday, January 22nd, the Year of the Rabbit.

But for Asian Americans, it’s hard to get into the holiday spirit. It bears the brunt of the anti-China rhetoric taking place in the United States. China. It is the first time in history that a committee has been set up to compete with another country. The drums of war against China continue to sound and the roar is deafening. Nevertheless, Our spirits were lifted by the 65 delegates who voted against the creation of a new commission. All new members, including Rep. Sidney Kamlager Dove (pictured below with CODEPINK co-founder Jody Evans), called it an act of violence against the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities.

Tell your legislators to stop fanning Asian-American hatred and support peace with China!

At a rally last week when the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) was participating in a military exercise on China, CODEPINK organizer Olivia DiNucci confounded her with a message that China is not the enemy. discussed how to win a hypothetical confrontation with China over Why is the US at odds with China over Taiwan? Olivia pointed to the importance of diplomacy, which was a missing element in this scenario, but a necessary element for the survival of life on Earth.

As we enter the Year of the Rabbit at the end of this week, we must remember that the Rabbit is a calm and alert creature. Although communal and calm, when rabbits perceive a threat, they, like all animals and humans, become agitated and defensive. . Once a war begins, it is very difficult to end it. The United States cannot provoke another costly and deadly war with China. We must speak up for the billions of people and pristine ecosystems in Asia Pacific. The people of the world want cooperation, not more war!

Tell Congress to support peace and cooperation with China!

Get inspired by the Chinese New Year story of cooperation and align with the spirit of the rabbit. We will be the tuning forks of peace. A word that does not exist in the halls of Congress or the chambers of power.

toward peace,
Way, Jody and the whole CODEPINK team

PS check out what we did On CODEPINK last week!



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