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Kyndryl targets enterprise growth with new integration platform


Kyndryl announces a new open integration platform aimed at providing real-time insight into complex IT assets and controlling customization of enterprise mission-critical operations.

Called Kyndryl Bridge, the platform leverages the strengths of the vendor’s core technology and combines decades of expertise, operational data patterns, and IP to help enterprises improve and accelerate their AI-powered analytics and business goals. Generate actionable insights that aim to redefine the way you do things.

Designed with configurability in mind, the Kyndryl Bridge evolves to deploy off-the-shelf industrial-scale solutions from Kyndryl and its partner ecosystem. Specifically, intelligent management tools powered by automation and AI aim to provide technology leaders with real-time insights to prevent downtime and better predict future needs and costs.

“Handling complexity is what Kindril is good at and what our customers need most. It’s a way to do better.

“Kyndryl is committed to transforming the way IT services are delivered, and Kyndryl Bridge is about growing an ecosystem of alliance partners, using tools and IP to create robust and advanced delivery systems, and ultimately It is central to our long-term strategic mission of providing more expertise and service, with a focus on providing the best possible service to our large customers.”



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