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Kevin Rudd’s US foreign policy jibe at odds with official Labor position, Biden’s Trade Representative says

Outspoken ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is already making headlines in DC’s trade circles before officially starting as Australia’s ambassador to the United States in March.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television in January, Rudd said of America’s economic strategy in Asia, “We can’t continue to assume that there will be collective solidarity on security issues, but on the economy, the United States is willing.” I will throw it out,” he commented sharply. Some of the allies under the bus.

“And for these reasons, Congress must instead adopt a different strategy of opening markets to its Asian and European allies, despite the overwhelming protective sentiments of Congress and the political class. Yes. General.”

In response to an inquiry from Sky News Australia, a spokesman for the Office of the US Trade Representative said the comments were “very different” from statements the Australian government has made to the Biden administration.

In a statement provided to Sky News, a spokesperson said: area. We had a very productive negotiating round in Brisbane in his December. We thank the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for hosting us. We look forward to continuing this momentum in the coming months. ”

The Biden administration isn’t the only one paying attention to Kevin Rudd’s pre-post comments.

Donald Trump’s former trade representative Bob Lighthizer became an unlikely friend and public supporter of Kevin Rudd.

Protectionist advocates continue to be very influential in DC’s trade circles, even quoting Kevin Rudd in a New York Times op-ed, in which he argued that the United States needed to “disconnect” from China. claim. “China is neither a friend nor a partner in development, but an enemy in its quest for world domination.”

In a Dec. 18 article, Lighthizer cited Rudd as a “China expert,” labeling China’s protectionist policies as “decoupling from China’s character.”

However, Lighthizer was less positive about the former prime minister’s analysis in a recent post on Truth Social.

“My very talented friend Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia and soon-to-be ambassador to the United States, says he does not have an effective Asia policy because it does not open the market sufficiently to allies in Asia and Europe. ” he wrote.

“This raises some interesting questions: 1. If $1 trillion in annual trade/deficit wealth transfer is not enough to buy a friend in the region, how much? 3 trillion?”

The lengthy post continues, “2. If friends have to pay a lot of money every year, are they really friends? He remembers the 1964 Beatles classic Can’t buy me love. 3. Why?” What is done each year to keep trade lanes open, and in some cases to actually protect them enough to buy their love? Ten billion dollars spent? What does the enemy cost? ”

In response to comments from U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Ambassador Lighthizer, a spokesperson for Rudd told Sky News, “Mr. Rudd will serve Bloomberg as head of an independent U.S. think tank, not as a representative of the Australian government. I told you,” he said.

“Mr Rudd made this very clear at the beginning of the interview: ‘I am not the Australian Ambassador to the United States yet. That will happen in March of this year. I am still the President of the Asian Society.’3 Months ago I turned into a pumpkin. That’s why I’m talking about your program.

“Mr Rudd did not comment on trade relations between the United States and Australia. He was answering questions about East Asia in general and what constitutes a future multilateral strategy to compete with China in the region. This context is the full text of Sky News.”

“Mr Rudd fully supports the policies of the Australian government,” the spokesperson added.



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