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International Relations Degree: Jobs You Can Pursue with It

Child marriage is a very common threat in Pakistan and is deeply rooted in traditional, social and customary norms. However, this shows that the human rights of girls are seriously violated.In Pakistan one of her three girls gets married before she turns 18 (Demographic and Health Survey 2012-13).

A girl’s access to a healthy and secure childhood, good education leading to better employability, and civil and political empowerment are all compromised by early marriage. With her 1821 child brides in 2020, Pakistan ranked her sixth among countries with the highest number of child brides. Marrying as a minor robs girls of their childhood and future opportunities. Married girls are less likely to complete their education and are more vulnerable to abuse, marital rape, and health problems. In addition, child marriage puts girls at risk of unsafe childbirth, ulcers, sexually transmitted infections and even death. Also, a teenage girl is more likely to die from difficulties during pregnancy than a woman in her 20s. Firstborn mortality for women aged 16, 17, and 18–19 at birth was 2–4 times higher than hers, respectively. 1.2 to 1.5 times The unfortunate truth is that while more humans have reached the Moon and Mars than mothers aged 23-25, women are still dying from unsafe childbirth.

This threat has also been described in many previous articles. But the recent event of the forced marriage of a five-year-old girl from Balochistan really shook me. the girl’s father FIR with Huzdar Police Station His daughter claimed she was forced into marriage as a result of her local and tribal beliefs. said it appeared to violate both the 1973 Constitution and Islam.

Factors Behind Forced Marriage in Pakistan

There are several reasons why early marriage is common in Pakistan. Most of these causes are: Failure to enforce existing laws. treat children as slaves. Fabric of the primitive feudal class. Lack of public awareness of the negative effects of child marriage. Pervasive poverty; Watta Satta (Watta Satta (weddings between siblings’ children, or exchange of girls in marriages between her two households)) underlie human trafficking. The concept of vani (another pernicious tradition is offering girls in marriage or slavery to families who have wronged them as payment for resolving disputes) and the lack of political will on the part of governments. Inadequacies in the system and lack of response are the main causes of forced marriage. Birth registration of minors, especially girls, is given little priority here, so the age of children at marriage can be falsified. Moreover, there is no unified, impartial, or strong child rights association to monitor child rights violations, especially women in her teens.


According to the country’s national UPR report to the HRC, the Prevention of Anti-Women Practices (Criminal Code Reform) Act 2011, which “strengthened the protection of women against discrimination and abuse,” was passed in Pakistan in 2012. . Forced marriage, child marriage and other social practices harmful to women are outlawed.

The following headings describe how the Commission on the Rights of the Child addressed the issue of children or early marriage in its Final Report and Recommendations (2009).Customs, Human Trafficking and Sales

Article 16 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, affirming the right of all women to marry “with their free and unconditional consent,” is subject to signature and ratification. It has been. Pakistan.

Pakistan has joined the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which requires states to uphold the right of children to freedom of thought, conscience and religion in article 14.

The Sindh Transitional Assembly unanimously approved this November 2016 Bill To end forced marriages and conversions. The bill was compelled to be blocked by Islamist groups and political party agitation and was never enacted into law.


First, no one in Pakistan, including many women, seems to care about the precarious status of women. The reality is that some educated working women are so harassed by men, their families and society at large that they lack the strength to fight back. Therefore, a small group of female representatives campaigning for the rights of marginalized women in Pakistan defends women’s rights despite the fact that they face harassment from men and society. , deserves special recognition for its courage to promote.

The government should especially spend on education in marginalized areas of Pakistan, where the majority of girls do not even have access to primary education. Social conservatism, as well as being the result of economic adversity, can also contribute to the educational gap between boys and girls. Long-term policies should be considered. Lack of maternal education is just as important as boys’ education, as it has a negative impact on future generations. This is because maternal education is believed to play an important role in the overall development and perfection of the child.

Victims of forced marriage are also deprived of one of their most basic and important rights: the opportunity to receive a good education. Here I would like to share a story. 17 year old lawyer Fighting Child Marriage from Swat. In her household it was customary for girls to marry when they were old enough to fetch water, so she was only 11 when she married a taxi driver. In her interview she said:

“I courageously told my family that if they let me marry that person, I would take legal action against them. First, they and my community supported me. He didn’t, he even slandered me, but now it is, one man of conviction can make a difference.”

Additionally, the police must be given the ability to investigate perpetrators and take appropriate action. When I talk about empowerment, I definitely don’t mean “free from law” or “no accountability.” Strict police system policies need to be devised and implemented to ensure that complaints filed are recognized and addressed, along with heavy penalties for such activity.

All persons engaged in child marriage, including the parents of the bride and groom and those who solemnize the marriage. NikahKhwan will be severely punished.

The legal age of marriage should be 18, the same for both men and women. However, the birth registration system needs to be improved. Nadra needs to implement a systematic and credible digital birth registration system.



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