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Grocery e-commerce surge and brands’ sustainability demands driving innovation

This is set against the backdrop of total fruit and vegetable losses and waste reaching an estimated 625 million tonnes by 2030 in Asia, according to the United Nations.

According to Alan Adams, APAC Sustainability Director at Sealed Air, this is a major environmental issue. “”Waste dumped in landfills produces large amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas that is at least 28 times more greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide... Food loss also meant wasting resources such as fuel and fresh water.

Richard Smith, Amcor’s Director of Sustainability at APAC, said:Products usually have a much higher environmental footprint than packaging, so it is important that packaging protects the product from loss and avoids food waste., “

The pandemic has also led to increased attention to the growing e-commerce and packaging of the e-food sector.

“”Given that food is now moving from farm to store, as well as from store to front door, with the right packaging applications, food can move the supply chain safely and in a timely manner. , Will reach consumers and provide a great dining experience.“Adams said.

“”Demand for fresh and grocery products is skyrocketing, and people are shifting to fresher, healthier foods with minimal or no preservatives.“He added.

In response to these trends, Sealed Air launched TempGuard, a brand of fiber-based insulation box liners to protect temperature-sensitive foods, replacing polystyrene trash cans with recyclable and renewable options. I did.



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