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Great game in South Asia : The Tribune India

Rajesh Ramachandran

Blaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allegations made by former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw in a BBC documentary on the 2002 Gujarat riots is a political campaign to lie and justify Saddam Hussein’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction. You end up upholding the language of the house. The Iraq War killed about 3 million Iraqi civilians. Then attacking Straw for his comments on Modi condones the Gujarat government’s terrible mandate and negligence that led to the deaths of some 2,000 people (official figures say about 1,000), mostly Muslims, in the riots. This may not be a dilemma for Desi Godi Media, who lashes out at all the enemies of the ruling party. to Western powers.

Bilawar Explosion at UN, Sharif’s Offer to Meet and Straw’s comments about 2002 could be called a bid to portray India and its prime minister as the villain of the piece.

So Desi and Bidesi’s Godi media outlet’s moral compass is heavily tilted, supporting their benefactors and relentlessly outlawing their patron’s detractors. Of course, there is a huge qualitative gap between the likes of Vivek Agnihotri and Joe Wright, even when both are doing “vulgar propaganda.” Modi’s cheerleaders fail to accept and analyze Gujarat police complicity in riots, but among Modi’s enemies use the term ‘pogrom’ for the horrific massacre in Gujarat but never used it against the genocide of 30 people, so there will never be a sense of proportion.

The hundreds of thousands of people killed in East Pakistan and Iraq don’t seem worthy of an inquiry, an inquiry, a special documentary on the occasion of their 20th or 50th anniversary. and its publicly funded media, there would have been similar exercises, as well as unearthing the perpetrators of the Holocaust and destruction of Bangladesh, if it was the great empathy for the unfortunate victims. To interrogate the Churchill regime for the 300,000 people killed in the Bengal famine.

Clearly, Straw is trying to focus on the Hindu-Muslim fault line in India. Historically the British have tried to keep it sharp and hooked up there for the survival of their empire. I can’t help but recall what he said when he called Prime Minister Modi “the butcher of Gujarat.” Straw’s comments to the BBC can be read as a sophisticated version of Bilawal’s outburst.

Belying Straw’s allegations of “ethnic cleansing” and the blaming of Bilawal, Gujarat’s Muslim population increased by more than 12 million between 2001 and 2011, while East Pakistan’s Hindu population declined forever. . Bilawal’s grandfather ZA Bhutto, an army general, should have been tried by an international tribunal similar to the Nuremberg Trials, along with Yahya Khan, Tikka Khan and AAK Niazi. But then Pakistan’s Anglo-American allies not only allowed butchers and their families to thrive, but also gave them political legitimacy and a happy home in the Western capital.

Interestingly, just weeks after Bilawal called out Modi’s name, Bilawal’s boss, Prime Minister Shebaz Sharif, asked for a meeting with India, even to the point of admitting the mistakes he had made in the war between the two countries. Although he got the number of wars wrong (Pakistan started four instead of three), he got the facts right. Pakistan is sinking more and more into the depths of poverty with each war. But this is not a credit to Indian genius, but to Pakistan’s western handlers who have been using Pakistan to counter India and building bridges with China. Even his recent $450 million hefty military aid to Pakistan could be a sign of gratitude for helping ease the stalemate between the United States and China.

Taken as a whole, Bilawal’s outburst, Sharif’s offer to meet and Straw’s comments can be categorized as an attempt to paint India and its prime minister as the villains of the work. It is no longer able to influence public opinion in India as it did, so even if the West’s strategic goals are achieved, it will not be achieved. In fact, this only serves to further hurt the inherent prejudices of Videshigodi his media. Those who lit the lamp for Pakistan at the Attari border and at the same time supported religious separatism in Punjab and his J&K provinces were disgraced or rather exposed. A week after Modi’s impromptu visit to Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani army insulted Modi in the Pathangkot attack, leaving no constituencies for negotiations in India.

Straw’s statement may also be devoid of larger geopolitical motives or implications, and may only be intended as a partisan move by Labor leaders to hunt down UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. There is also. What better way to embarrass the first Indian-born Hindu prime minister than to embarrass him in a Hindu-Muslim conflict in India? , has served its purpose by making him defend Modi’s perfunctory.

However, Straw’s statement set a precedent for the British High Commission in 2002 and opened the possibility for the Indian government to launch an “investigation” on British soil. In 10 days it will be the 75th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s martyrdom. The possibility that Gandhi’s assassination was a false flag operation by British intelligence cannot be dismissed, especially given Narayan Apte’s alleged ties to the Royal Air Force. You may not want to examine the role of the accused British allies and the acquittal conspiracy. However, intelligence officers stationed in London can be asked to reopen the Rabindra Maatre case and look for British complicity in his murder. At least this much is owed to the family of a brilliant diplomat who was cut down by a doctrine.



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