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‘Go’ing places | Borneo Bulletin Online

James Conn

With the goal of popularizing Go in the Sultanate, in 2011 Chen Xinwen and Xiao Lung founded the Brunei Darussalam Go Association with a group of fellow Go enthusiasts.

According to Wikipedia, Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players whose goal is to enclose more territory than their opponents. Invented in China more than 2,500 years ago, Go is believed to be the oldest continuously played board game.

In an interview with preliminary reportLooking back on the origins of the association, Chen Xinwen, president of the Brunei Darussalam Go Association, recalled that the association started with “a small group of high school students who love Go, with zero background support and funding.”

“This passion started as an extracurricular activity at Duri Pengiran Muda Almutadi Vilar College (MDPMAMB) in 2005. It was probably the first time Go was introduced in Brunei,” says Chen, reflecting on his trip. I’m talking

He added that there were no Go sets in Brunei at the time and that he used Othello or Reversi as a set for beginners before later purchasing a set from the Malaysian Weiche Association.

Their momentum continued in 2006 when an application was submitted to the International Go Federation as the Brunei Go Association and was approved in 2007.

Enthusiastic fans gather to enjoy Go.Photo: James Conn
Chen Xinwen in action during the match

The following year, Go players from Brunei were invited to international invitational tournaments in Korea, China, and Thailand, and a Go club was established at the Chugoku Junior High School alumni association. However, it was closed in 2010.

In 2008, a blog was started to document all Go events in the country. On May 25, 2011, the Brunei Darussalam Go Association was established.

The Brunei Darussalam Go Association is currently a member of the International Go Federation, the Asian Go Federation (Auditor), the International Pair Go Association, and a full member of the Brunei Darussalam National Olympic Council (BDNOC). It was a Chinese book he read that sparked Chen’s interest in Go. The title was loosely translated as “Things Never Taught in School”. ‘, then you should do it.

Mr. Chen “Go/Wei Qi/Baduk” Over 2,000 years old, Brunei had no association and no one played. So I introduced the game to everyone.

“This game has proven to be beneficial for young children as well as adults. For young children, it helps them focus, cope with challenges, overcome defeat, have healthy hobbies and social skills. It enables networking, and for adults it slows down busy lives and prevents Alzheimer’s disease.”

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the game’s promotional efforts.

“From 2020 to 2022, there will be no overseas invitational competitions, students have lost their motivation to play and learn online, and there have been no new members or learners. ”

Since no physical event was held, he said:

“International tournaments were also held online during times such as the 2021 Amateur Go World Championships.We also held friendly Southeast Asian Go tournaments online every week.”

To introduce and teach Go to young children, he said: Learn offline if possible. First you have to teach the basic rules such as capture. From there, it slowly leads to the full rules of the game. “

He added that there are now 20 active competitive members, with the youngest being 8 years old and the average age of the members being 20 to 30.

Chen also plans to send a mixed doubles team to compete in Japan next month for them to “compete in the Pair Go International Tournament.” Meanwhile, Haidar has been an executive member of the association since its inception before 2011.”

In the future, Chen hopes the youth sports department will give the association the go-ahead to compete in the Asian Games in Hangzhou. The last time Go played in the Asian Games was at the 2010 Guangzhou Games. It will be a great experience for members of the association, he said.

“We are planning an Invitation Exchange Go Camp for overseas children to enjoy the beautiful Bellaron natural retreat while building healthy bonds with the children of our association.

“The association hopes to train more instructors so that they can teach new players and promote at schools and businesses that are interested,” Chen added.



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