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Friction Between United States & Iran: The Tension and Its Impact

The US claims to follow a values-based foreign policy, but is this really reflected in its handling of the war in Ukraine?

For years, the United States has argued that its foreign policy is centered around its “values.”[protecting] Supporting democracy to advance “fundamental human rights” and the greater “liberty agenda,” as the State Department puts it websiteThe Biden administration, in particular, has emphasized the importance of “values” in foreign policy.so speech In early 2021, then-newly appointed Secretary of State Anthony Blinken declared that “the foreign policy of the Biden administration will reflect our values.”

at Biden Harris national security strategy, the word “value” appears 29 times in the 48-page document released in October 2022. The document states, “Action to strengthen democracy and uphold human rights is important to the United States, not just because valueMoreover, respecting democracy and upholding human rights promotes peace, security and prosperity in the world.”(emphasis added). It further argues that “when faced with a strategic race to shape the future of the international order, the United States will lead on our values.”

The U.S. claim that U.S. foreign policy decisions are based on moral values ​​is not new.When the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, then-President George W. portrayed as conflict. statePresident Bush also famously called three countries, including Iraq, the “axis of evil”.

publicly said The reason for the invasion was to democratize Iraq and “disarm Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.” […] And to liberate the Iraqi people. On the surface, these seem like morally correct and valiant ends, but they are true, especially given that the US intelligence effort to suggest Iraq has weapons of mass destruction was completely wrong. It is now commonly known that the reason for the was actually much more malicious. errorFor example, political scientist Erthan I. Butt claim The Bush administration invaded Iraq for its “demonstration effect,” he said.

In hindsight, it is very difficult to argue that the United States interfered in Iraq on the basis of its moral values. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were attacked, especially given the negative impact the invasion had on Iraq. killedand the country plunged further into political turmoil.

The latest US foreign policy effort is in Ukraine, where conflict between Ukrainian and Russian forces is escalating, almost a year after Russia’s first invasion. Although there are no official U.S. troops on the ground in Ukraine, there is no doubt that the U.S. remains heavily involved in the conflict. Sent Aid to Ukraine in 2022 will exceed $68 billion.

The United States’ declared goal of helping Ukraine is again closely tied to its values. At the heart of U.S. support for Ukraine is that Russia vs. Ukraine is a battle between authoritarian and democratic values, and the U.S. gives democratic Ukraine an opportunity to defend itself against authoritarian aggression. The idea is that we must provide As Anthony Brinken said, “The United States is committed to strengthening our relationship with Ukraine and building a prosperous future for all Ukrainians.”

so speech At the Ukrainian parliament in May, then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom said that in a country that could be seen as an extension of the United States on this issue, given its very close political ties and previous cooperation on foreign policy issues. The war is “about Ukrainian democracy against Putin’s tyranny. It’s about freedom versus oppression. It’s about right versus wrong. It’s about good versus evil.” and its Western allies have expressed their support for Ukraine as a morally guided humanitarian act.

But upon closer analysis, the Western account of Ukraine does not match its actions. Yes, the United States and other Western institutions have provided extensive financial and military support to Ukraine, but it may be questioned how much that action ultimately benefited the Ukrainian people. there is.

Just weeks after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, report It was revealed that the two sides were close to agreeing a peace deal to end the fighting. These reports said that representatives of Russia and Ukraine had convened in Istanbul on his March 29th, with billionaire Roman Abramovich and Russian politician Vladimir Medinsky being the main participants. It was done after negotiations. Ukraine’s agreement to distance itself from the West and forgo NATO membership was crucial to the structure of the deal.

It is not certain exactly how close an agreement was reached, but an unexpected obstacle prevented negotiations from continuing. He urged him to stop negotiations with Russia. As the Ukrainian news agency, Pravda, report In early May, “as soon as Ukrainian negotiators and Abramović/Medinsky agreed on general terms for the structure of a possible future deal based on the Istanbul outcome, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke almost without warning. He appeared in Kyiv.” According to Ukrainian officials, Johnson delivered two important messages to Kyiv. This means that we should not negotiate with an authoritarian figure like Putin, and that even if Ukraine were ready for peace talks, Western groups would still be important allies of Ukraine and would not be able to provide Western aid. Ukraine had no intention of supporting negotiations, given its dependence on

It is clear why the West does not want a deal with Russia. The West has used Russia’s war with Ukraine (and subsequent sanctions against Russia) to Power change of government in Russia. “Western groups … now felt that Putin was not as omnipotent as they imagined … now they had a chance to ‘put him under pressure’. And the West wants to use it. Just days after Johnson’s surprise visit to Kyiv, Putin publicly said negotiations had stalled and would not continue. Since then, the Russian president has repeatedly declared his readiness to find a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine conflict. address December 22nd.

In general, Western leaders have tried to silence their goals of regime change in Russia, but sometimes the truth slips through the cracks. speech In March, US President Joe Biden declared: [Putin] Government cannot be maintained. Meanwhile, in late February, a spokesman for the Johnson administration said: said Western sanctions against Russia are intended to “overthrow the Putin regime” by provoking an economic and political crisis.

Attempts to overthrow foreign governments are nothing new to the United States, but it is important to understand what this objective means for their decision-making in the Ukraine conflict. In effect, the United States and its allies are using Ukrainian territory and, more importantly, the Ukrainian people to satisfy their selfish political ambitions. In other words, Western leaders, led by the United States, are encouraging Ukraine to keep fighting for as long as possible, regardless of the military situation or substantial Ukrainian losses. “bleeding” Increases the chances of Russia, and Putin, being forced to resign as president.Ann article The Washington Post sums up the situation nicely. ”

So how has the US- and Western-backed war of attrition against Russia worked for Ukraine? claims that there is But given Russia’s recent mobilization of her 300,000-strong army, it is prudent to predict that Russia will eventually gain the upper hand in the conflict, if not yet.

Apart from the military situation, Ukraine’s economy is shrunken A staggering 33% decline in 2022 and is expected to shrink another 10% in 2023. Ukraine has also seen exports ranging from wheat to steel fall by 35% and unemployment, which is already over 30%, is expected to continue rising. The Ukrainian government has also been forced into quantitative easing to stabilize its economic fleet, which has led to a sharp rise in inflation. As observed by Jacob Kierkegaard, Senior Fellow of the German Marshall Fund in the United States, said: To provide more financial support. ” By contrast, the Russian economy shrunken About 3% in 2022, much lower than most Western analysts is expectedat the beginning of the sanctions.

In addition to the difficult economic situation, the war in Ukraine has brought great danger to the population.About 8 million refugees have been displaced since the war began ran away Many more people are internally displaced.united nations Estimate About 18 million Ukrainians were in need of humanitarian assistance in September, and the World Bank warned that poverty in the country could rise tenfold. In addition, the Ukrainian authorities Estimate It is estimated that rebuilding the country will cost about $750 billion. In short, Ukraine is in tatters and will be heavily dependent on Western financial aid in the near future to prevent total collapse.

Given this background, it is reasonable to say that the protracted conflict has not been rewarding for Ukraine and that finding a diplomatic solution was likely in the country’s best interests. A peace deal was not an option for Ukrainians, partly due to Western influence on Ukraine.

It is important to note that the Western influence on Ukraine did not begin in 2022, but was prominent in the years prior to the Maidan revolution that took place in 2014. In fact, due to the US involvement in Ukraine circa 2014 and the frequent debates about NATO members, some accurately predicted that Ukraine would eventually become embroiled in a conflict between Russia and the West, and collapse in the process. I was there.

International Relations scholar John Mearsheimer has enlightened us as follows: lecture Regarding this issue in 2015, he said:

“What are we [the West] What it does is encourage Ukrainians to fight hard against the Russians. We are encouraging Ukrainians to think that they will eventually be part of the West because they will eventually beat Putin and eventually get their way.

“Ukrainians are in line with this, almost entirely unwilling to compromise with the Russians, and instead want to pursue a hard-line policy. The country is going to fall apart, and in fact what we are doing is driving that outcome.”

Seven years later, Mearsheimer was proven right. In an attempt to hurt President Putin, the West is pushing Ukraine into economic and humanitarian chaos. The sad reality is that the United States sees Ukraine not as a true ally, but as one piece on a larger chessboard of global power and politics. Moreover, the complete lack of care for Ukraine’s infrastructure, civilians, and soldiers shows that the United States’ long-standing claim that values ​​drive foreign policy has established moral superiority over adversaries and self-serving. It shows that it is just a pretense used to justify it. interventions around the world.



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