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Former CNN Digital Asia Director Marc Lourdes dies, age 40

Rhea Mogul, CNN

Marc Lourdes, a former director of CNN Digital Worldwide for Asia-Pacific, died tragically in a motorcycle accident in Malaysia on Saturday. He was 40 years old.

Lourdes joined CNN’s Hong Kong News Room in 2016 and soon became a valuable leader and friend for colleagues throughout the region.

He coached many young journalists and encouraged them to strive for ambitious storytelling that makes a difference.

During his time at CNN, Lourdes led the company’s digital expansion in Asia and strongly defended the region’s importance on the global news agenda.

Lourdes left CNN in 2018 to return to Malaysia, where he was Vice President and Head of Indian Content for satellite TV provider Astro. Last October, he joined Tatler as Digital Content Director in Asia.

Lourdes was a loving partner of his wife Darsini and a devoted friend of many.

“Mark Lourdes was all about me. Always brave, always strong, always rock. Weird man, the smartest man,” Darsini said.

“He made me sing my heart. I thought, touched, and lifted the lives of the people he met. He loved his family, friends, and life to the fullest. His departure. Will leave a gap that can’t fill anything. “

Lourdes died in just a few days, celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary.

“I feel comforted by the fact that he did what he liked best, riding a bike, living and dying in life,” Darsini said.

The news of Lourdes’ death echoed in several news rooms in Asia where he worked. This is a testament to the legacy he left to his former colleagues.

Lourdes began his journalism career with a Malaysian star, then played roles at the New Straits Times and Yahoo, where he was editor-in-chief before moving to Hong Kong and CNN.

Andrew de Maria, current Vice President and Executive Creative Director of NBC Universal, said: Originally from CNN, I hired Lourdes in the role of CNN.

“He worked hard on the Asia-Pacific region and covered it. His insights and context enriched CNN’s global news agenda,” said De Maria.

Roger Clark, CNN Hong Kong bureau chief, remembered Lourdes as a bigger personality than he really was.

“Mark influenced everyone who worked with us,” Clark said. “He was an excellent journalist full of ideas. He brought great joy to the CNN Newsroom with his kindness, his big smile and vibrant laughter. He was also a little eccentric. His office in Hong Kong has become like a shrine for Manchester United and Star Wars. Two of his passions. He will be truly missed. “

Michelle Ramniere, Tatler Asia Group CEO and Chairman said: “Mark was a wonderful person and a true professional.”

“He was smart, cultural, had a good sense of humor, and had a love for life. We all missed his existence very much, his family, his wife, Darsini, and the world. I offer my heartfelt condolences and prayers to his friends inside. “

Lourdes’ work ethic was fully summarized in the email signature used when first applying for a job at CNN. This included a quote from the famous Edna St. Vincent Millay poem. “My candle burns at both ends. It doesn’t last overnight. But ah, my enemies and ah, my friends. It gives a nice light. “

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