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Election battle won, real test begins for new Malaysian PM

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (AP) — Reformers leader Anwar Ibrahim Won a fierce battle to become Malaysia’s new Prime Minister. But with a polarized nation watching, working with his former enemies to form a unified government would quickly test his political mettle.

Anwar, 75, has no honeymoon period. Appointed as 10th leader.

State TV showed Anwar’s clock in the administrative capital of Putrajaya on Friday morning. His first test will be the construction of a cabinet and the distribution of portfolios, which will appease the diverse members of the unity government.

Anwar said on Monday that he would withhold his salary as prime minister amid the country’s slowing economy, promising his cabinet would be slimmer than the previous overblown government. He said members of the new cabinet would also be asked to take pay cuts.

“My number one priority is the cost of living,” he said at a press conference.

Anwar vows to work quickly to find ways to help Malaysians struggling with stagnant wages ahead of rising food costs, currency at its lowest level in 20 years and an economic slowdown expected next year did.

Anwar’s Pakatan Harapan, or Alliance of Hope, won 82 of the 222 seats in the November 19 general election. To win the majority, he had endorsements from his two main competing blocs. They are the long-term ruling National Front with 30 seats and the Sarawak coalition with 23 seats. A few smaller blocks have also said they will participate.

Former Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s Malay-led National Alliance has unexpectedly won 73 seats. Muhyiddin’s hardline ally, the Shariah-promoting Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, won 49 seats, making it the country’s largest party, signaling the rise of conservative Islam.

Anwar’s victory over the support of his political opponents is “a watershed moment that ushers in a new era of democracy in Malaysia,” said Ahmad Fawzi Abdul Hamid, a political analyst at the University of Science Malaysia. Stated.

That was behind his alliance’s stunning victory in the 2018 polls. ended 60 years of National Front rule For the first time since independence from Britain in 1957, there has been a change of government. Anwar was then incarcerated on politically motivated sodomy charges.

Since taking office, Anwar has created an atmosphere of conciliation and welcomed all political parties into the government as long as they adhered to the basic rules of good governance, no corruption and a “Malaysia for all Malaysians”.

Analysts said his cabinet composition would provide a clearer picture of his upcoming policies. It will be tested amid fears that concessions will be made to the National Front leaders of the department.

Anwar, who is Muslim, must also win the trust of conservative Malays. The Malays considered him too liberal and chose Muhyiddin’s right-wing side in a controversial election. Police have stepped up security and Anwar supporters have been told to refrain from celebrations that could provoke Islamists.

In such a racist environment, Anwar’s aims, including replacing decades of affirmative action plans that privilege Malays in employment, education and housing, could become a minefield. .

Anwar promised Malays that their rights under the constitution and the status of Islam as the state religion would be protected. However, he emphasized that other races should not be marginalized so that the country can come together.

“Racism has existed in Malaysia since independence,” said political analyst Ahmad Fawzi.

“Anwar will come up with his own ways to curb the problem, but to think he can erase it is to expect the impossible from him,” he added.



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