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Don’t Forget The 2-Wheel Electric Revolution In Southeast Asia

As summit season kicks off in style in Southeast Asia, eco-friendly vehicles are in the spotlight.Local police are evenly matched ride an electric bike Escort a representative. Many of you have probably seen it on the news.

McKinsey partner Vivek Lath said: Interview in Singapore On Friday. “This is a segment that accelerates much faster.”

Southeast Asian cities are so crowded that smaller, nimbler vehicles make more sense. Add to that the pollution caused by poorly maintained 2-stroke bikes and the switch to electric makes perfect sense. I’ve been to Bali too, and it’s clear that battery-powered cars are still too expensive for Southeast Asia’s rising middle class, but most people can afford an electric two-wheeler.

McKinsey Associate Partner Rahul Gupta believes that by 2030, electric two-wheelers could make up 50% of the total motorcycle market in the region. “Countries like Indonesia and Vietnam are big markets for scooters and motorcycles and are poised for growth, especially as last-mile delivery companies such as Grab and GoJek commit to transitioning their vehicles entirely to electric vehicles. It will help,” he said, Gupta.

“Indonesia Battery, a state-owned EV manufacturer, plans to produce 50,000 battery packs for two-wheelers next year to eventually support around 115 million motorcycles on the country’s roads. is.”

So we’ll likely see more of these electric two-wheelers than just summit season.

“India’s Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, launched its first electric scooter last month under its sub-brand Vida. Limp home safety feature limiting to 10 kilometers. bloomberg I am writing.

“Companies from developed markets in Asia are also on board. Japan’s Honda Motor Co. is doubling its plans to introduce electric motorcycles, targeting at least 10 models worldwide by 2025. ”

oat pandits You told me it was hard to get accurate data on the extent and speed of the migration, but they provided As this is possible mine.

Electric motorcycles are being driven more recreationally and enthusiastically in the US and Europe. In Asia, mostly practical and cheap vehicles get people from A to B. Here in Australia, as in Europe and America, A motorcycle as a hobby vehiclebut for our closest neighbors, this is a huge step forward for their daily transportation needs, and we need to keep that in mind as we write about the EV revolution around the world.




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