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Did TikTok Bring Young Malaysian Voters to the Polls? – The Diplomat

On November 5th, Muhyiddin Yassin released TikTok. video Collected 4 million view in a day. The leader of Malaysia’s Pelican Nacional (PN) coalition said his followers called him a “ABBA,” means father. But Muhyiddin has a Bernie Sanders-like appeal among young conservatives.in the video, the 75-year-old performed some of his dad’s dance moves to his hit rap single “Swipe,” while swiping left on the symbols of race competitors. Read one of his 17,000 comments below the video, which read, “Wow, Ava Power…”.

Malaysia’s recent general election was a record one.voter erase A record high. About 15 million citizens voted, 20% of whom jump Since the last general election. Voters under 21, new publicized A constitutional amendment flocked to the vote. A youth surge may have propelled Malaysia’s tumultuous democracy into uncharted waters, giving the country its first hung parliament.

Did TikTok play a role?

PN stunned Political analyst with 73 seats. Muhyiddin was the leading candidate for prime minister in the days following the election. But the coalition, which operated on a nationalist-Islamist platform, was unable to put together the 112 seats needed to form a government, with PN being the main beneficiary of several media outlets. did. called “Green Tsunami”, or Islamic Vote. His coalition partner, the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS), has more than doubled his number of seats to 49, making him the largest party in Malaysia’s parliament.

Francis Hutchinson, Senior Fellow and Coordinator of the Malaysian Studies Program at the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore, said: Said The Straits Times, “What surprised us was the extent of the wave. The constitutional amendments that brought 10,000 new voters to polling stations changed the demographics of the voting population, pushing voters to the center right. “These new voters in Malaysia are not necessarily more liberal, less driven by identity politics, and less willing to seek change. They are biased toward people and indigenous peoples and often conservative.” explained Bloomberg columnist Clara Ferreira Marquez.

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Muhyiddin at post-election press conference Said His coalition’s strong results were largely due to first-time voter participation. PAS is popular with Malay youth despite its goal of imposing strict Islamic laws and codes of conduct.one of the youth leaders warned Western-style concerts invited “the wrath of Allah.” However, PAS needed to team up with more companies. moderate Politicians like Muhyiddin win seats in parliament. PN leaders dancing to rap singles may not have pleased fundamentalists, but they seem to have won the support of young conservatives. is.

PN’s TikTok outreach to new voters paid off on Election Day. James Chai, Visiting Fellow of the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, said: Said Nikkei Asia.Sophia Hayati Yusof Teacher Universiti Sains Islamic Malaysia’s communications arm, surveyed voters for the first time, found “Candidates and political parties who were successful in influencing young voters were those who campaigned via TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube…By incorporating the latest songs into their campaigns, they were able to reach out to a variety of sources, including entertainment. I used the approach

Beijing-based ByteDance’s short-form video hosting app experienced a meteor growth in Malaysia for the past two years. “TikTok is the new ‘constituency’ that many politicians are following. It’s like a seat without physical boundaries. ” I have written Mohd Faizal Musa, Visiting Scholar, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute. Musa did fieldwork in central Murray constituencies and found that new voters saw his TikTok as the first and sometimes only source of political news. The total number of users is he 4 million, which is less than other markets.However, Malaysia Up Southeast Asia’s video consumer and one of TikTok’s fastest growing markets.

Unlike Facebook, TikTok does not allow Political advertisement.That hasn’t stopped the app from becoming a platform for anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories.In mid-November, Muhyiddin made baseless statements. condemnation The rival multi-ethnic Pakatan-Harapan Alliance had colluded with “groups of Jews and Christians” whose goal was to convert Malay Muslims. video of speech Posted On PN’s Facebook page.but short clip It started going viral on TikTok, using load-bearing terms like “christianization agenda.”Malaysian Council of Churches called Muhyiddin’s remarks are “irresponsible”. The PN leader later claimed that the TikTok video had stolen his word. environment.

Another example without TikTok is that of Malaysia’s longest-serving prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, who is 97 years old.In his video, Mahathir launch Criticism of the Muhyiddin, which began with the words “Who is the traitor?” “Good night sir. Please,” one TikTok user wrote, expressing a popular sentiment.Mahathir lost His longtime constituency, his bond was forfeited. Langkawi’s seat went into the hands of his PN candidate. message: Go out and vote.



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