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Delinea shares the importance of PAM, partners and security for modern enterprise

Identity-based security is becoming an important tool for modern enterprises as they continue to adapt to different work environments. In particular, a robust Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution can often save an organization from data security problems and the increasingly prevalent and looming cyber threats.

At the forefront of the security solutions market, Delinea was once again recognized as a leader. 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management.

The merger of Thycotic and Centrify led to the formation of the Delinea brand earlier this year. The company is sure to make waves in all security fields by bringing together two major PAM providers.

Delinea quickly made a name for herself all over the world. We work closely with customers and partners in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific to help them overcome key cybersecurity challenges.

Delinea CRO Damon Tompkins explains that providing a full range of PAM solutions is a top priority when discussing the company’s founding. He said both previous brands provided leading security management tools that together create an industry-leading formula for a holistic approach to security.

“Centrify had a set of products built to help organizations complete the integration of identities around their most popular store, Active Directory. Not only did it help us unify identities, but it also provided the ability to broker access to sensitive assets across the organization,” he says.

“Thycotic approached Privileged Access Management from a slightly different perspective. The idea is to go out and identify and protect information.

Tompkins also emphasizes that the key to the company’s success is based on available security-inspired technologies that are essential when operating in complex environments. He says it’s essential to make sure the solution is usable and comprehensive.

“We try to differentiate quite a bit in the concepts of security that are available. There is a perception that security products are hard to adopt, hard to maintain, and hard for end users to work with. It becomes a factor that inhibits sexuality.Basically, it cannot be used.”

The company’s ethos is to build products that are fast-acting, easy-to-use, and easy-to-adopt. “There is also a focus on low maintenance with a small amount of ongoing care. The comprehensive nature of what we do sets us apart from the market.”

Wahab Yusoff, Vice President of APAC at Delinea, said trends in cloud adoption are driving a new way of looking at security, with businesses looking at different approaches to create a completely secure environment. I’m here. He also says people are moving towards a zero trust strategy.

“If you’re not a cyber company, you often don’t have enough cyber people to manage your security, so you need a higher degree of automation to ensure resilience,” he says.

“Cybersecurity is at a different level of maturity in different countries, with more mature countries tending to adopt the cloud more quickly. Many end up in a hybrid situation, but Delinea is helping organizations move from on-premises to the cloud, or a combination of both. I think we are in a good position to make the transition.”

Delinea’s recent global CISO Cybersecurity Research Report We found that 60% of IT security decision makers are hindered from executing their IT security strategy.

In Australia and New Zealand, only 33% of survey respondents believed they had the right strategy in place, and 96% had experienced an identity-related compromise or attack using stolen credentials in the past year and a half. I’m here. Meanwhile, in Singapore and Malaysia, 47% believe they have the right strategy in place, even though 88% have experienced a breach or attack.

Such Delinea technology, secret server, Cloud When server suite, to help organizations meet these challenges. We are also committed to helping organizations meet global security standards and protocols and qualify for cyber insurance.

“We aim to map as many product use cases and features as possible to our cyber insurance obligations,” says Tompkins.

Product innovation is also a top priority and Delinea aims to treat all users as privileged users. This goal recognizes the growing importance of identity-based controls for managing risks associated with the rise of hybrid work and the use of cloud services.

This allows companies to prevent identity/credential theft and privileged access abuse for all human and non-human identities, not just system administrators and super users within the corporate network.

In addition to this, as a channel-focused business, the company builds strong relationships with committed customers. partnerDelinea has expanded its partner reach across the APAC region and continues to expand and support them.

“We typically have a two-tier structure: we have a network of distributors and resellers. These resellers are often independent software vendors or value-added resellers. Our partners participates in the deployment of all solutions,” says Yusoff.

“They also offer a range of security solutions, so they can offer an integrated and holistic approach to cybersecurity.”

Yusoff also says that having a local partner increases the inclusiveness of the model.

“They have local knowledge of customers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, etc. We are investing heavily in this area.”
The company has also invested in a series of global partner bootcamps to provide product-specific training and certification.

“Our goal is to grow our partner community and provide value-added services around our products. So far, our focus has been on pre-sales and the sales process,” said Yusoff. says.

“This time, our focus is on providing post-sales services. We have the right partners locally to help our customers not only deploy their products, but take them on a journey of privilege. ”

Tompkins concluded by saying that the APAC market is a great opportunity for Delinea as an organization and we look forward to seeing our customers and partners continue to promote the latest and most effective security solutions.

“We see a lot of customer education opportunities for some products that have not yet been rolled out. is a long way off.”

Click the link below for more information. Delinea To download a copy of the solution CISO Cybersecurity Research Report.



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