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China’s Xi Continues Campaign Against Security Agency Enemies

Sun Lijun, the ringleader of a rebel group of former senior Chinese police officers, has been sentenced to life in prison, along with at least two of his allies, as President Xi Jinping continues his scorched-earth campaign to wipe out enemies in the Ministry of Public Security. ing.

On September 23, the Changchun Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Sun, a former vice minister of public security in China, to no possibility of parole. according to China’s official anti-corruption website. A court found Sun guilty of accepting his RMB646 million (US$91 million) bribe, manipulating the Chinese stock market, and possessing two illegal firearms.

The same court the day before sentenced Fu Zhenghua, a former vice minister of public security and former justice minister, and Wang Li, a former director of public security in Jiangsu province, to life imprisonment. Chief public security official Fu, who helped put former public security minister Zhou Yongkang in prison for life, suffers the same fate. A Chinese court has found Wang Like guilty of not only acquiescing to organized crime, but also accepting and giving bribes. In particular, the court found that Wang frequently paid bribes to his Sun.

January 27, Asia Sentinel report A faction linked to Mr. Son poses a very serious threat to Xi, and the Ministry of Public Security has formed a team to quell it, he said. This faction is now shattered.

Fu and Wang Like belonged to Sun’s political gang. Said Takungpao, a pro-China Hong Kong newspaper. According to Takungpao, other members of Sun’s gang included former Shanghai Public Security Bureau Chief Gong Dao’an, former Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Chief Deng Huilin, and former Shanxi Province Public Security Bureau Chief Liu Xinyun. .

September 21, gong sentenced to life imprisonment, Deng Huilin Sentenced to 15 years, Liu Xinyun 12 years in prison, 1 million yuan fine.

“Xi Jinping is very paranoid about his own safety. It is very difficult to serve a delusional emperor,” an anonymous professor told Asia Sentinel.

The imprisonment of so many former senior law enforcement officials within three days was seen as a threat to ensure the security of Xi Jinping as he seeks an unprecedented third term at the CCP’s 20th National Congress. It’s part of President Xi’s efforts to dismiss senior public security officials. October 16th. Mr. Xi’s ambitions for a third term would break his two-term limit on president set by China’s late Deng Xiaoping. Xi’s extension of his term has generated opposition, which he is likely to overcome.

and paper Public Security Minister Wang Xiaohong, posted on the Ministry of Public Security’s website on September 16, called for the eradication of “the toxic influence of Zhou Yongkang, a political group led by Sun Lijun.” Xiaohong called for the elimination of “two-faced people and two-faced factions who are dishonest and dishonest to the party.”

“From start to finish, we will make political safety our top priority, both at home and abroad,” Xiaohong wrote. He told the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “We will firmly grasp the basic political nature of public security, strongly build public security organs on top of politics, and resolutely place the party’s absolute leadership in the work of public security.” I asked.

Xiaohong was Xi’s trusted protégé and protected him when the Chinese leader was a Fujian official.

“Fu’s arrest and conviction are part of a lengthy crackdown on corrupt officials during Xi Jinping’s tenure that has focused law enforcement since early 2021. It shows that they may be systematically corrupt,” writes former Hong Kong police officer Martin Pavlick. paper For the Jamestown Foundation, an American think tank, on September 20th.

“However, the continued arrests of high-ranking officials have led to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) President Xi and his factions securing the loyalty of (Ministry of Public Security) and other security agencies by using anti-corruption as a control tool. (Ministry of Public Security) full submission to the CCP and its credibility to enforce restrictive social controls are essential to China’s expanding police state underpinning one-party rule. part,” wrote Pavlick.

“They announced a long time ago that they would clean up corruption and nepotism in the Ministry of Public Security, and they have done it,” an anonymous analyst told the Asia Sentinel.

On September 23 and 22, the Changchun Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Sun, Fu, and Wang Ru to death with two years’ reprieve. In China’s legal system, such a ruling would mean that Sun, Fu and Wang Like could escape the death penalty if they cooperated fully with the authorities. However, even if he escapes execution, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole and all personal property will be confiscated.

Sun and Fu were not immediately sentenced to death because they made “significant positive contributions” by providing evidence in other major cases, the court explained. This indicates that punishment of other Chinese officials is imminent.

The court found Fu guilty of accepting bribes of RMB 117 million (US$16.6 million) from 2005 to 2021 and of perverting the law to favor relatives and cronies. It is an advisory body to the Chinese government, the court said. In 2014 and his 2015, when Fu was head of Beijing’s public security bureau, he covered up his brother Hu Weihua’s crimes, allowing Weihua to avoid trial, the court said. added.

This is a reversal of a once illustrious career. In 2010, as Beijing police chief, Fu vowed to wipe out the sex industry in the Chinese capital. report People’s Daily. On his orders, Beijing police raided thousands of entertainment venues and closed 35 joints, including the Passion Club, according to state-run newspapers. In operation, the Passion Club included courtesans serving wealthy and powerful men.

as an Asian Sentinel report On January 27, the Ministry of Public Security said that the Sun political gang “seriously undermined the unity of the party and seriously endangered the political security of the party and the country,” stating that the Cabal had rebelled against the Xi, In fact, he admitted to posing a threat to him.

“A dictator, paradoxically, despite his overwhelming power, is never safe,” said the professor.



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