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China’s quest to attain hegemony proves detrimental to global environment

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November 20, 2022 03:08 IST

Beijing [China]November 20 (ANI): Beijing’s quest for hegemony promotes unsafe industrial practices and is proving harmful to the global environment.
According to the International Forum for Rights and Security (IFFRAS), a recent report concluded that China has emitted more carbon dioxide in the past eight years than Britain has since the Industrial Revolution. increase.
China’s unsustainable ecological model is dangerous to the country’s population and even more deadly to fragile nations. climate change concern.
this is Belt and Road Initiative Arguably the largest economic project ever undertaken, it could also be seen as the instigator of such disastrous ecological degradation mechanisms, reports IFFRAS.
Implementation of projects within the Initiative lacks clear environmental policies to safeguard ecological concerns.
But host countries often find themselves victims. environmental degradation Because the project lacks safety measures.
Many locals have been displaced and forced to relocate, even temporarily, to camps without basic facilities. The short-sighted deal has made locals resent Chinese investment. Such investments have brought misery to locals living in such areas for decades.

These reports were made while world leaders were in Egypt to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27). The summit’s main agenda was for countries to agree to reduce global carbon emissions, but leaders have found little respite, IFFRAS reported.
For example, in the African country of Mozambique, Chinese companies buy banned domestic timber. However, IFFRAS reported only after a Chinese organization bribed domestic officials for procuring ecologically-destroying products.
china ecological threaten industrial processes It is the world’s largest emitter of mercury and neurotoxins. This makes China a leader in creating scenarios that encourage mercury-related toxic air pollutants, threatening a severe air pollution crisis.
Not only this, but the Chinese Communist Party’s development goals have accelerated plans for a Chinese-owned subsidiary. coal burning likewise. IFFRAS reports that these development expeditions have made the country the largest producer and exporter of plastic goods, causing her one-third of the world’s plastic waste.
China’s plastic waste is also reportedly uncontrolled. According to the report, these plastic wastes are dumped directly into the environment without pollution-free mechanisms, with millions of tonnes directly affecting marine life and contributing to much of the environmental burden. poses a serious threat to the island nations it faces.
One Belt, One Road Mega Projects Over At Least 1,700 Sensitive biodiversity site About 265 species are threatened with extinction in the process of building infrastructure projects.
The study, published in Nature Sustainability, shows that the BRI project is environmental degradation“This is due to ecosystem degradation due to factors such as pollution, habitat loss and wildlife deaths.” (ANI)



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