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Biometrics deployments speed up air travel across Americas, Asia, Africa

Several biometric providers are rolling out solutions or forming partnerships aimed at improving the quality and speed of air travel.

Sita Discussing lessons learned from working together during the Covid pandemic, Queenstown Airport selected Elenium Automation to implement new baggage drop and kiosk facilities. Cancun International Airport also shared breakthrough figures for recent ePassport gate usage, and Taiwan upgraded its own kiosks. Finally, both Sri Lankan and Malaysian authorities said they were expanding the use of such technology across the country.

Discuss the lessons of collaboration that SITA learned from the pandemic

in an interview with simple flying, SITA Asia Pacific President Smesh Patel, said the early days of the Covid pandemic affected airports in a similar way to the events of 9/11. Because the airport needed a radical change in handling the flow of passengers going through baggage and security he checks.

In particular, Patel notes how the company added cameras to existing check-in kiosks to incorporate biometric authentication capabilities without replacing the entire machine.

Cooperation among stakeholders such as airlines, airports and governments is also paramount to ensuring smooth passenger flows during the pandemic, reducing government or immigration data checks at every point of travel. I tried to keep friction to a minimum.

“One of the challenges was figuring it out and building something like that. Obviously, we could do that,” Patel tells Simple Flying. “We found it difficult to bring all stakeholders together and find common ground, but it was a way we could help the industry get back on its feet.”

SITA has partnered with NEC on airport biometrics, Implemented SITA’s Smart Path solution At Philadelphia International Airport.

Elenium Introduces Biometric Technology to Queenstown Airport

Australian technology provider Elenium It will roll out new baggage drop and kiosk facilities as part of Queenstown Airport’s terminal upgrade programme, according to a statement. Asia Airlines.

Elenium and Queenstown Airport Partnered for the first time in 2019 When they deployed 15 kiosks. Now, both companies plan to add six additional bag drop units and nine self-service he kiosks by June this year to further speed up the check-in process.

“We are delighted to partner again with Elenium on technology solutions to improve the customer experience at Queenstown Airport and support the staff working here,” commented Jo Learmonth, Head of Infrastructure Delivery at Queenstown Airport. I’m here.

“We want our passengers to check in as quickly and easily as possible, and this investment will help us achieve that.”

The deployment comes several months after Elenium began deploying biometric self-service kiosks and mixed self-service automated bag drop. at Leeds Bradford Airport in England.

Cancun International shares biometric gate figures

The head of Mexico’s National Institute of Migration (INM) reports that it has confirmed the operation of 18 biometric ePassport gates installed at Cancun International Airport. Riviera Maya News.

According to Garduño Yáñez, at the time of his inspection, 70,010 travelers had entered the country using automatic gates at Cancun airport. Of these, 56,779 are from the United States, 6,045 are from Canada, and 7,186 are from Mexico.

The Commissioner also said that 16,803 New automatic electronic passport gate system At Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

Going forward, Yáñez confirmed that similar technology will be installed at Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, and at both Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta airports in Jalisco.

Taiwan upgrades automated border control system

The country’s Ministry of Interior has confirmed that it has upgraded ePassport gates at an unidentified airport, believed to be Taoyuan International Airport, to facilitate international travel during the Lunar New Year period.

Reported by taiwan news Additionally, it suggests that biometric kiosks with facial and fingerprint biometrics to automate border control checks currently support both registration and customs functions.

This meant that travelers had to first interact with a person and register before using the service. The onboarding process has also been automated.

This service is available to Taiwanese citizens who are 12 meters or taller and 1.40 meters (4 feet 7 inches) or taller, as well as citizens of countries that have reciprocal agreements with Taiwan on automated border control systems. The list currently includes the United States, South Korea, Australia, Italy and Germany.

Sri Lanka airport officials discuss biometric kiosks

According to reports of daily mirror onlineBandaranaike International Airport (BIA) will soon deploy two biometric eGates at the arrival terminal and two at the departure terminal.

“This project was started in 2017, but as I noticed it was not implemented for various reasons,” said Nimal Siripala de Silva, as quoted in the publication. the minister said.

“We therefore instruct the authorities to quickly obtain the necessary approvals in line with the relevant procurement processes, reduce spending and immediately resume projects that are more beneficial to the country,” the minister added.

Invoicing follows the initiation of the procurement process of Sri Lanka’s own digital identity project (SL-UDI), an initiative of the Joint India-Sri Lanka Project Monitoring Committee (JPMC).

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