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Attacks on Chinese citizens in Pakistan distress Beijing

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Oct 8, 2022 18:26 IST

Beijing [China]Oct 8 (ANI): Amid a surge in targeted attacks against Chinese nationals in Pakistan over the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the Chinese government has imposed protective measures domestically in small and intermittent attacks on software. I am concerned that it is not working well. Targets like Chinese citizens continue to emerge and become a source of distrust.
Targeted attacks against Chinese nationals across Pakistan have been carried out by both Sindhi and Baloch rebels, Asian Light reported.
These rebels are accused of massive resource exploitation and mining in Balochistan and Sindh provinces under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which the Pakistani government protects under strict security measures. blaming China.
With attacks on Chinese civilians in Pakistan increasing, China has always shown a willingness to send private security companies to protect civilians working on CPEC-led projects, but this The idea has been rejected time and time again by the Pakistani government, according to Wright of Asia.
Pakistan has experienced several attacks against Chinese nationals in the past, the most recent being the April 2018 suicide bombing of a Confucius Institute employee and the November 2018 attack on the Karachi consulate.
According to Balochistan researcher and independent analyst Adnan Amir, the small-scale attack on Chinese citizens has created a rift between China and Pakistan.

“The Chinese proposed to secure their country’s security to protect Chinese residents, especially after the Confucius Institute was attacked in April. The idea was politely rejected by Pakistan, Aamir said. Asian Lite reports on Chinese security businesses whether they operate domestically or not.
Most recently, an unidentified man opened fire inside a dental clinic in Karachi’s Sadar district on Wednesday, killing a Chinese national and injuring two others.
In July, nine Chinese workers were killed when a vehicle loaded with explosives and driven by a suicide bomber rammed a bus en route to the Das Hydropower Project in the Upper Kohistan district of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. died.
China’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Nong Rong, was unharmed when a suicide bomber attacked a luxury hotel in Quetta, Pakistan, in April 2021, killing five people and injuring 12 others.
In July 2020, large-scale protests against China erupted in Muzaffarabad, Pakistani-occupied Kashmir, denouncing the illegal construction of the Neelam Jelam and Kohala hydroelectric power plants.
Protesters stressed the environmental impact of a dam built by China under the CPEC initiative, Asian Lite reported.
This was followed by an attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi by the Baloch Liberation Army in November 2018. It was his second attack on Chinese interests after a bus carrying Chinese engineers was targeted by a suicide bomber in Dalbandin city, Balochistan province in August 2018. Three Chinese nationals were wounded in the suicide attack. (Ani)



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