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Anwar’s comfortable majority could hit stormy weather

Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia’s political lexicon is full of euphemisms, partly because of its humorous imagery, but also to soften the otherwise harsh terminology.

Amid political uncertainty since Umno’s shock fall from power in 2018 for the first time in Malaysia’s 60-year history, Kathak a Malay word meaning “frog”, has been widely used by dozens of politicians who have changed political parties, often forcing a change of government.

This includes the infamous Sheraton Move, which overthrew the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government in 2020 and several state governments in the months that followed.

Although common practice around the world, the prevalence of such exiles during the last parliamentary term has led to the so-called “Anti-hopping” A law that causes a by-election when an elected representative leaves a political party.

Another term, less talked about, refers to similarly potentially destabilizing behavior. laran Cogongrass is a Malay word and is a common long weed that grows wild in unmaintained lands.

Laran refers to a stance that changes depending on how the wind blows. They change their stance on certain policies and leaders, but they may not go so far as to actually change allegiance.

Lalang’s best example would be almost every major party currently supporting the unity government of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

They, or at least the sizeable number of MPs who won the November 19 general election, had pledged their support to his rival Pelican National (PN). Muhyiddin Yassin Recently until Wednesday the day before Anwar became prime minister.

Umno’s Barisan Nacional (BN) and others have previously denied working with Anwar’s PH, but some have warned that Anwar’s premiership would be disastrous for the country.

“PH and BN have nothing to do with each other,” Bauer Group Asia political analyst Adib Zarkapuri told The Straits Times. will be obtained.”

The Gen Z term “situationship,” which means romance short of committed love, sums up how members of the Solidarity Government now relate to each other.

This will be an important watchpoint in the coming months, as the alliance could evolve into something more like a joint venture between business partners rather than a merger of allies.

Although Umno provides only 26 MPs, about one-sixth of the two-thirds majority currently claimed by Anwar, Umno’s departure would still cause a seismic shock across the government. I guess.

This is because Malaysia’s first government, led by Anwar’s Kediran Rakhat Party, a multi-ethnic rather than Malay nationalist party, has suddenly run out of Malay-Muslim majority parliamentarians.



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