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Amid the war in Ukraine, Europe and Central Asia discuss ways of ensuring food security and transforming agrifood systems – World

At the 33rd FAO Regional Conference in Poland, FAO is calling for an approach to prevent an even bigger crisis.

Lodz, Poland / Rome-Ministers and high-level representatives from across Europe and Central Asia met today at the FAO Regional Conference in Europe ()ERC33) Transforming agricultural systems to ensure inclusive and environmentally friendly development and achieve better nutrition both inside and outside the region, as well as the impact of the war in Ukraine on the world’s food system and global food security. Discuss ways to accelerate efforts.

“It’s an important moment to discuss appropriate responses and share proven solutions to help policy makers across the region to tackle these challenges,” said FAO Secretary of State Qu Dongyu at the 33rd Regional Conference. I gave the opening remarks at.

Europe and the Central Asian region include 53 high- and middle-income countries with more than 900 million inhabitants.The Secretary said the area is in a “good position” as one of the world’s food baskets and has high hunger levels. rise From a relatively low level in the area.

The region “plays an important role in global food security” and is an important “source of new ideas and inspiration for the whole world”, said Henrik Kowartik, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in Poland. Said in the opening remarks.

Participants elected Polish Foreign Minister Zbignev Lau to chair the regional conference.

The situation in Ukraine is the main focus of FAO members in the region, session We are dedicated to the impact of war on agriculture, including global food and fertilizer prices, which result from obstruction of access to certain commodities and inputs.

“Peace is the basis for protecting people from hunger,” Ku said, saying FAO is closely monitoring the effects of the war and promises to continue to develop. Immediate, medium and long term analysis and policy recommendations To that member.

Ukraine is clearly most affected by the war due to human suffering and the destruction of values ​​and supply chains. Other affected countries include low-income food importers that rely on the Russian Federation and Ukraine for food, feed, fuel and fertilizer supplies. He said all consumers around the world working on food prices have reached record highs.

He urged FAO members to hold a regional conference as an opportunity to discuss “potential approaches to prevent even greater crises in the future.”

FAO’s Ukrainian team Prompt response plan In Ukraine, it is estimated that one in five households meet basic food needs and lack resources to support smallholders. Funding to support FAO’s $ 115 million schedule Reaching nearly one million people in the country has not yet been accepted, Qu said.

Local action for For Betters

The FAO Regional Conference, held biennially, serves as an opportunity to discuss issues and promote regional coherence in pursuing member goals. With more than 300 representatives enrolled in this year’s session, it represents almost every country in Europe and Central Asia, making it the most attended regional conference here.

Emphasizing the importance of political commitment to the Action Plan, the FAO Secretary-General emphasized that the organization is committed to supporting key priorities set by members of the region. Transforming the agricultural food system; sustainably manage natural resources and protect biodiversity. Includes response to war and COVID-19 crisis.

Those goals are embedded in FAO’s Strategic Framework 2022-31 And he clearly expressed the desires of the four better. Better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life for everyone, no one is left behind.

The main purpose is to move beyond a pure focus on food and production to an agricultural food system approach that embraces nutritional, health, social and environmental values. Although undernourishment is relatively low and access to high-value animal-derived foods is higher than considered optimal, Nutritional performance The region faces challenges leading to obesity, overweight, iron deficiency, and sub-average breastfeeding monopoly recruitment for 6-month-old babies.

Efforts to reduce inequality between urban and rural areas, as well as from a gender and economic perspective, are important and need to create larger and more diverse opportunities in rural areas, Qu said. Currently, households in 11 countries in the region spend more than 60% of their income on food, energy, housing and water, up from one in 2017.

This week, the Secretary-General emphasized that FAO will launch a regional technology platform for green agriculture, providing a digital, user-friendly and open gateway for sharing information.He also said that three countries in the region have already participated in FAO. One Country One Priority Product InitiativeAnd other countries are using FAO’s data-driven investment support system Hand-held initiative..



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