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Acne is a “disease of Western civilization.” Is overwashing to blame?

in the western worldit is rare to find a person who has never faced an acne attack. regardless of raceeveryone seems to give in to this ugly skin hair follicle be clogged With oil and dead skin cells.and 80% to 90% prevalence Among young people living in modernized countries, acne is basically a rite of passage. About half of people over the age of 25 persist.

Interestingly, however, researchers found that acne is essentially does not exist in non-industrialized communitiesThe Kitavan people of the Trobriand Islands near Papua New Guinea, the Paraguayan Aceh hunter-gatherers, the Okinawans before the islands were colonized during World War II, the Inuit before Westernization, and many others. people do not have acne or pimples. , or acne — not even the face of a hormone-filled teenager.

This is not just due to genetics either. When people from these cultures move to the United States, Europe, Australia, the industrialized regions of Asia, or almost anywhere modernization has taken hold, they develop acne just like we do. So what are these factors?

Causes of acne

for Acne A simple answer would certainly be useful, but unfortunately there is no answer. Science has not identified a definitive cause. However, comparing our lives to those of an acne-free culture offers some insight.

  • Our diets are very different. Especially for those who don’t have acne much less consumption Refined carbs and simple sugars that spike insulin levels and lack fiber.When studies were pooled and analyzed together, in practice not a clear signal Tie every aspect of your diet to acne.
  • we exercise less. Regular physical activity can reduce stress, reduce inflammation, and increase blood flow to the skin. These are all reduce acneBut again, research has not revealed a clear link between exercise and acne.
  • We are exposed to less sunlight.humans get a lot of us Vitamin D from sunlightVitamins may help wounds heal faster and reduce inflammation. 2016 study People with acne were found to be more than twice as likely to suffer from vitamin D deficiency as those without acne.
  • we more emphasized out. The constant work of modern life can have a negative effect on our skin. mess with hormone levels and reduce the immune response.
  • we shower too muchMaybe all the hygiene products we apply and the excessive scrubbing we do throw up the skin Your microbiome is out of balanceLeave it to its own device and our skin, perhaps more pungent, might do the trick.?
  • We tend to be exposed to more air pollution.exposure nitrous oxide others air pollutants May aggravate inflammatory acne.

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We still don’t know exactly why modern society makes its citizens acne-prone, but one thing we can say for sure is that the prevalence of acne is increasing rapidly. teeth Focus on global uplift of around 48% Since 1990, the burden has been “most pronounced in high-income countries in Western Europe and Asia-Pacific and East Asia”.



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